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What is #stayathomefestival?

During all this chaos we bring you live broadcast music from your favorite international musicians straight to the comfort of your living room. Performances will be live streamed from the individual Instagram accounts of the artists as well as on this website and our facebook. Follow us on Instagram @StayAtHomeFestival for updated artist roster and performance schedule!

Support live music

As the lives of touring musicians all over the globe become immensely complicated and stressful due to the Corona Virus, we have decided to take matters in to our own hands to raise moral and support live music by starting an online festival where groups or solo musicians can stream direct to peoples' homes in an effort both to encourage people to stay in their houses to prevent further virus spread AND to give musicians an opportunity to make up for countless canceled events and lost incomes.

Prevent pandemic spread of covid-19

As COVID-19 (Corona Virus) spreads rapidly across the globe, it is important that we heed the warnings of the scientists and doctors by giving the hospitals and health services as much support as possible. By avoiding (physical) social spaces and exercising regular cleaning routines we give the hospitals a chance to take care of those affected instead of being completely overwhelmed. 


COVID-19 is a real threat and we all have a responsibility to do what's best for our communities.

Who is running this organization?

Let's take a moment to introduce the team... We are Galen Fraser, Diego San Miguel and María San Miguel, currently residing in a state of quarantine in Valladolid, Spain. For the last couple weeks we have watched our livelihood slip out from underneath us as the pandemic spread of COVID-19 forces events to be canceled, music venues to close. We watched as the same happened to all our musical peers and thousands more across the globe. Friday morning the Spanish government declared a state of lockdown and now we are forbidden from traveling or even leaving our domiciles without just cause. It was then when Diego came to us with the idea that we use our music to put some light in to the world during these unpredictable times, raise awareness and encourage the public to make the right choices to prevent further spread of the Corona virus.

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