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Stay At Home Festival Livestream Collaborations is an online alternative to all music events cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you are part of a cancelled event and you’re interested in moving online, contact us here.




As musicians, festival organizers and audience members, we truly understand how devastating it can be to suffer a cancellation after so much hard work, time and preparation. 


In an attempt to lift spirits during the the Coronavirus outbreak, we organized three back-to-back editions of Stay At Home Festival, and were overwhelmed by the response and support of the public. We reached more than 200,000 homes world wide and have raised over $50,000 to support musicians in need. We would like to share our knowledge and success, and give you and your event the option not to cancel! 


Let's keep spreading music, lifting spirits, supporting musicians and celebrating community together! New times, new ways!




We offer an an exclusive package that takes care of all of your event's online components including multi-platform streaming, media, promotion and donations. We know that every project is different, so tell us about yours here and let’s work together. 

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